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                    INTO PANFENG DRY

                          當前位置:  首頁  > 關于磐豐干燥  > 企業文化

                    地   址:常州市鄭陸鎮三河口工業區
                    座   機:0519-88671258/88670658
                    傳   真:0519-88677997
                    手   機:13921078219
                    郵   箱:pfdrying@126.com

                    誠信:遵守法律法規和規章制度,遵守員工行為準則,為公司樹立良好的形象和商譽。誠實守信,言行一致,正視成功與失敗,不推卸責任,以實際行動贏得客戶、同事的尊重和信賴。遵守職業道德,對公司忠誠,保守商業秘密,維護公司利A Cooperation: focus on the objectives and overall interests, and internal and external staff to work together to achieve the company's goals. To the development of the company-based, implementing the borderless management ideas, and actively identify problems and through various channels to promote the settlement of the problem. Take the initiative to communicate, open the way, listen carefully to the views of others, and in the work to be improved.
                    Be good at learning: keep an open attitude, earnestly and learn from others' experiences and strengths. Objective evaluation of their own, continue to improve their ability to continuously improve their work, the most for higher performance. Broaden horizons, look at the world, focus on leading enterprises, all the valuable experience and practice actively applied to practice.
                    Seriously: with a high degree of professionalism, a strong sense of professionalism and consistent attitude towards work, high quality and efficiency to complete the task. Hard work, down to earth, difficult to enter, perseverance, not up to the goal never give up. Concerned about the order and quality, the courage to reveal the problem, to improve the views and to promote the solution.
                    Innovation: not follow the old, break through the introduction of conventional thinking and even create new ideas, new mechanisms, new technologies, new business, dare to change, the courage to open up. Good at a variety of environments and conditions in the initiative to find opportunities to seize the opportunity to develop. Advancing with the times, innovation, bold practice, for customers and businesses to create greater value.
                    Pursuit of excellence: adhere to the pursuit of high performance goals of the concept of continuous improvement of work, quit has been, dry will become. Understand and agree with the company's strategy, set the direction of development with the company's consistent, challenging goals, and make unremitting efforts. Self-confidence and courage to go beyond the self, break the "impossible", "not work" thinking bottleneck, continue to seek development, have the first fight, the strength of the strong.

                    電 話:0519-88671258 88670658 傳 真:0519-88677997 郵 箱:pfdrying@126.com 聯系人:張經理 手機:13921078219 郵 編:213115 地 址:常州市鄭陸鎮三河口工業區  Copyright © 常州市磐豐干燥設備有限公司 版權所有蘇ICP備12002323號  技術支持:冉冉科技  [網站后臺]
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