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                    Panfeng drying equipment has many years of experience, welcome to buy!
                    scanning weixin
                    Hot Keywords: vacuum freeze dryer | fluid bed coating machine | flash dryer | fluidized bed dryer | spray dryer | belt dryer | efficient boiling dryer
                    Vacuum freeze dryer | Boiling granulator | Food freeze dryer | Fruits and vegetables freeze dryer-Changzhou Panfeng Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. 【official website】
                    STRATEGIC PARTNERS
                    PANFENG DRY
                    • 重慶食友食品開發有限公司
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                    • 江蘇虹光新能源發展有限公司
                    • Drying equipment
                    • Granulation equipment
                    • Mixing equipment
                    • Crushing equipment
                    • Screening equipment
                    • Heat source equipment
                    • Dust removal equipment
                    • Other equipment
                    CASES CENTER
                    PANFENG DRY
                    JYG hollow paddle dryer is my factory after years of research and development and continuous improvement in the applicat
                    SEE MORE
                    Plasma protein is the most important solid content in plasma, the content of 60 ~ 80g / L, a wide range of plasma protei
                    SEE MORE
                    Silicon carbide (SiC) is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal), wood chips as raw materials through the resistan
                    SEE MORE
                    Project Description: In recent years, China's lithium battery production has increased significantly, as of the end of 2
                    SEE MORE
                    Seaweeds are algae grown in the sea and are hidden plants in the plant kingdom. Algae include several different species
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                    Chinese medicine Pieces of dry way directly related to the quality of Pieces, before drying with the sun room is consist
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                    INTO PANFENG DRY
                    Changzhou panfeng drying equipment engineering co., LTD. Is located in changzhou, an industrial city and a water town south of the Yangtze river with beautiful scenery. After years of construction and development, the company has gradually formed drying equipment production line manufacturing enterprises, such as dryer, crusher, mixer, dust removal equipment, granulating equipment, etc., which are customized for customers, handling and solving various difficult cases, and has gradually become the drying equipment manufacturing industry-level enterprises. The company is the manufacturer of dryer; After years of exploration and struggle, has formed a large scale drying machine production base. Due to the company to provide customers with good drying equipment technology, stable performance, reasonable price, is listed as a manufacturer of dryer suppliers. Our company will live up to the expectations and love of customers, all staff to pursue
                    Company Culture
                    Production Force
                    Business Style
                    Service Process
                    COMPANY NEWS
                    Latest news policy
                    INDUSTRY INFORMATION
                    Updated information
                    CONTACT US
                    Customers are our pursuit
                    Changzhou City Panfeng Drying Equipment Co., Ltd
                    Address: Sanhekou Industrial Zone, Zhenglu Town
                    Landline: 0519-88671258 / 88670658
                    Fax: 0519-88677997
                    Mobile: Manager Zhang 13921078219
                    E-mail: pfdrying@126.com
                    Customer Service QQ: 1043138120
                    Hotline: 13775118935



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                    Tel: 0519-88671258 88670658 Fax: 0519-88677997 E-mail: pfdrying@126.com Contact: Manager Zhang Mobile: 13921078219 Post Code: 213115 Address: Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City, Sanhekou Industrial Zone  ICP12002323  Technical support: Ranran technology  [Website background]
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